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CDC Strategic National Stockpile
The CDC’s Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) is a national repository of large quantities of medicines, vaccines, and other medical supplies stored in strategic locations around the nation. These assets are designed to supplement state and local public health departments in the event of a large-scale public health emergency that causes local supplies to run out.
Emergency Prescription Assistance Program (EPAP)
The purpose of the EPAP is to perform the activities related to processing prescription claims for medications and durable medical equipment (DME) for designated eligible individuals in a Federally-identified disaster area. EPAP allows any enrolled pharmacy in the United States and its territories to use existing electronic pharmacy systems as an infrastructure to efficiently process prescriptions and DME for individuals that are eligible for the Emergency Prescription Assistance Program (EPAP).
Federal Medical Station (FMS)
Federal Medical Stations (FMSs) provide equipment and supplies to operate temporary medical facilities for from 50 to 250 patients within appropriate “buildings of opportunity” (site assessments are required to ensure suitability of potential facilities).  Supplies are adequate for three days of clinical care before resupply is required.
Logistics Response Assistance Team (LRAT)
The Logistics response Assistance team (LRAT) is an ASPR/OEM Logistics personnel augmentation team/resource that is responsible for providing and performing a variety of logistics response services to NDMS elements or response teams.
Mobile Acute Care Response Teams (MAC-T)
The Mobile Acute Care Team (MAC-T) is responsible for providing critical care medical support to public health emergencies and disasters when local resources are non-existent, overwhelmed or otherwise inaccessible. The primary mission of the MAC-T is to provide critical care staging at a Disaster Aeromedical Staging Facility (DASF) in support of the Department of Defense (DoD) or Department of State (DoS). Secondary missions include patient evacuation using alternate methods of transport and ICU/PACU/ED decompression.
Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Logistic SME Support
ASPR/OEM Logistics personnel may provide technical experts to support planning for State, Local, Tribal and Territorial government in conjunction with Regional Emergency Coordinators (REC).