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Branding is an organization's commonly held set of beliefs and expectations about what it delivers and how it delivers it. An organization’s brand is a unique promise of value made to stakeholders. Any contact anyone has with ASPR – whether it is the web site, email, publications, or interactions with staff – is an opportunity to demonstrate ASPR’s value and build trust in its brand. Though creating and managing a brand requires sustained dedication, it can help ASPR:

  • Build trust and motivate action;
  • Engage more effectively with stakeholders;
  • Create a positive image of the mission;
  • Secure funding from appropriators;
  • Establish credibility as experts and thought leaders;
  • Create internal unity and a sense of shared purpose; and
  • Establish a platform to guide communications.

ASPR Brand Promise

A brand promise tells employees and stakeholders what they can expect from an organization. ASPR’s brand promise is: ASPR saves lives and protects Americans from 21st century health threats.

ASPR Tag Line

The ASPR tag line, Saving Lives. Protecting Americans, is included in all templates and should not be altered in any way, removed, or crowded by content in branded materials. The HHS and ASPR logos also should not be altered, removed, or crowded by content. Logo use guidelines are provided to ensure they are presented appropriately.

ASPR Priorities

To successfully execute our mission, ASPR focuses on four priorities:

Providing Strong Leadership: ASPR provides strong leadership, including clear policy direction and improved threat awareness. We are working to secure the resources needed to ensure medical and public health preparedness for, response to, and recovery from disasters and emergencies.

Building a Regional Disaster Healthcare System: ASPR is working to create a regional disaster healthcare system by better leveraging and enhancing existing programs - such as the Hospital Preparedness Program and the National Disaster Medical System - to create a more coherent, comprehensive, and capable healthcare system integrated into daily care delivery.

Sustaining Robust and Reliable Public Health Security Capabilities: ASPR is an advocate for the sustainment of robust and reliable public health security capabilities, including an improved ability to detect and diagnose infectious diseases and other threats and the capability to rapidly dispense medical countermeasures in an emergency.

Advancing an Innovative Medical Countermeasures Enterprise: ASPR oversees advanced research, development, and procurement of qualified countermeasures, security countermeasures, and qualified pandemic or epidemic products. We have successfully pushed innovative medical countermeasures such as vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics through advanced development to stockpiling and FDA approval or licensing.