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HHS Response and Recovery Resources and Capabilities

A lesson learned from Hurricane Sandy identified a requirement for a department-wide resource and capability compendium available for activation, use and deployment during a response and recovery incident. The customer base for this information is diverse and includes partners from across the federal, private, public, non-governmental, state, local, tribal, and territorial communities.
This project meets this need by developing a comprehensive web-based catalogue and central repository of HHS resources and capabilities available to our partners and customers before, during, and after public health and medical incidents.  The initial design and use is primarily targeted for use by the State, local, territorial and tribal public health officials, but information will be valuable and available to all public health and medical emergency management officials. Its design will capture all HHS resources, capabilities and processes that are utilized by a local/state community during response and recovery with future versions expanded to include HHS preparedness, mitigation, and planning resources.

ESF 8 Core Functions
Click ont he functional areas to view resources/capabilities available​ 

Important Information
Agriculture feed safety and security
All hazard consultation and technical assistance and support
Blood products and services
External Communications/Public Affairs
Food safety and security
Hospital care
Mass Care, Emergency Assistance
Medical care personnel
Medical equipment and supplies
Mental health and substance abuse care
Outpatient services
Patient movement
Potable water/Wastewater/Environmental Health
Public health and medical information
Public health surveillance
Safety/Security of Drugs & Biologics
Situational Awareness
Vector control
Veterinary services
Victim decontamination
Victim identification/mortuary services
Worker health and safety


FEMA Disaster Survivor Assitance

HHS Secretary's Operations Center
(24x7) in Washington, D.C.
(866) 477-7362 or (202) 619-7800