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If Congress does not complete its appropriation responsibilities by the deadline on Saturday night, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services will experience a lapse in funding. A shutdown means the temporary closure of non-essential government services and the furloughing of some federal employees. If you are placed in a furloughed status, you may use up to four hours for orderly shutdown activities on your next scheduled workday. During this time furloughed employees must initiate and complete the shutdown functions associated with your position within a reasonable period of time—no more than four (4) hours.

Available below is information on supportive services and financial-related tips, as well as an FAQ and a Shutdown Checklist that all ASPR employees should follow to ensure an orderly shutdown. If you have specific concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact your supervisor or send your questions to ASPR HC at

HHS would like to remind all employees in a non-pay status, whether required to work or not, to abide by ethics laws and regulations, including the criminal conflict of interest statutes, the government-wide Standards of Ethical Conduct, and the HHS Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct (HHS Supplemental Standards). For more information, read Ethics Rules During a Lapse in Appropriations.

A Message from the ASPR (September 28, 2023).pdf
9/29/2023 4:21
Sample letters for Employees for creditors_ 20230925.pdf
9/29/2023 3:43
Shutdown Checklist_20230929.docx
9/30/2023 2:09
Shutdown FAQ.docx
9/30/2023 2:10